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Yoga by and with a peer

I want to guide you to increased awareness of your body and how to move in ways that help improve your everyday life.

The style of yoga I encourage respects any restrictions you might have, lovingly accommodates any injuries, and at the same time allows you to push your individual limits if so desired.

There is an equal emphasis on the elements essential to growing older gracefully, with special focus on maintaining a supple spine. 

No fancy show-off poses -- just healthy exploration of what works and feels good for your body on that day.

I offer an

that focuses equally on mobility,



and coordination.


Age is not an impediment but presents new challenges
and requires new considerations.

Don't back off just because something may have gotten difficult.

for whom


Those seeking ways to enrich and enhance their lives as they age, or simply maintain the ability to execute basic functions.

Those who have come to savor the wisdom and clarity and acceptance and serenity that come with aging. 

Those who honor their uniqueness and do not try to make a one-size-fits-all shape -- there is no such thing!

Be curious

and practice without judgement.

About bg over and beyond

My name is

Stacy Overbey

Over and Beyond Yoga about pose

I sought out yoga when my three children were small and I sorely needed a weekly hour of peace and quiet to myself.

In the 25+ years since then, my practice has expanded and flourished and long become a daily part of my life. 

Yoga helped me enormously through both emotional upheaval (a traumatic divorce) and physical rehabilitation

(two shoulder reconstructions).

With it, I maintain not only a strong, lithe body and pain-free back, but also a solid sense of equanimity and a wide-open heart.

I organized my recent yearlong sabbatical around yoga retreats in various far-flung parts of the world, and was exposed to many new styles, approaches and poses. Teacher training soon followed in response to a desire to delve deeper into the spiritual, philosophical, and historical nitty-gritty of the discipline.

I am continuously learning more about anatomy and how to safely and organically move the physical body, and am keen to share this knowledge with you.

In a relaxed and pressure-free environment, my classes are motivating, educational, playful, challenging and nourishing



Pro-Aging Yoga

Public Classes

Athayoga in Zollikon

Tuesdays 9:30-10:45

A sweet combination of pranayama (breath work), gentle stretching, and dynamic asanas gets our day off to a strong start. There is an equal emphasis on the elements essential to growing older gracefully: strength, flexibility, coordination and balance, with special focus on maintaining a supple spine.

We pay close attention to alignment that can relieve age-related issues, support healthy back and joints, and prevent repetitive strain injuries.

Bring your aches and pains and leave them on the mat.

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Lunch Flow

Athayoga in Zollikon

Thursdays 12:15-13:15

Log out, shut down, unplug for an hour of office detox on the mat.  This is your antidote to a sedentary job -- or any lifestyle that entails too much sitting.  Come work out the kinks, loosen up the neck and lower back, stretch stiff limbs, strengthen the body and return to work rejuvenated with new energy.

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Yoga on Demand


At your home, in your office, on your lawn.

In person or online. 
Wherever and whenever it suits your schedule. 
Each practice is unique and tailored to your specific needs and desires.

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Yoga and Journaling Autumn Retreat


Yoga and journaling -- two awesome and accessible tools to help you dive deep into self-discovery: Our asana practice allows exploration of the physical body while journaling helps us to observe what’s happening in the mind.

There will be two movement practices daily, one invigorating and one relaxing. Silent and guided meditations will enable a calming of the mind. We will journal together in a relaxed, no-pressure atmosphere.

In addition, there will be plenty of time for brisk forest walks amidst the spectacular fall foliage, and soothing saunas and steam baths in the gorgeous spa.

Sutra House in Riehen,


October 13-16, 2022

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Urban Weekend Retreat

A mini-break with a more leisurely schedule. Morning and afternoon sessions on Saturday and Sunday will include a yoga practice (energizing and restorative, respectively) plus joint journaling exercises. No need to fear the blank page, prompts will be provided. No sharing expected or required but very welcome.

Come experience how this dual physical / mental reset can provide a fresh boost to cultivating the version of yourself you want to be.

Dates and details TBA

Yoga Seefeld studio in Zurich, Switzerland

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